Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pregnant, Homeless and Hungry

All too often, we forget about the young girls who live in our neighbourhoods
Amongst them, can be those who are keeping a #SECRET!

They're #PREGNANT + #HOMELESS (even though they may still live with their all too busy with their #Selfie #Parents) + HUNGRY for someone the #SHARE their misery with

When U discover such a suffering soul in Ur #NEIGHBOURHOOD 
#REACH OUT + #LISTEN + #HELP in whatever way U can

#God sees Ur #LOVE for ALL his #CHILDREN

Friday, February 9, 2018

Test Ur Worthiness!
All of us desire to be WORTHY
to be loved + respected
by our family + friends + influencers

Ask Ur #Selfie these Seven Questions
to know Ur WORTHINESS!

1. Does this thing/activity
ADD VALUE to my life?

2. What truly ADDS VALUE to my life?


4. Who is my BEST FRIEND
to share my passion + purpose with?


6. What mundane STUFF
do I need to get RID of in my LIFE?

7. How can I
#SurviveWithPower - God's Way
every day of the rest of my LIFE?

If U do not yet measure up
to the REAL U of Ur DREAMS

in whatever way U understand God
LIVE Ur Worthy Dream Life Today?

Expect God to do his job
while U keep practicing daily

Ourplace Prays for U + Urs
See U in WorthyVille!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

America How U've Fallen!

America How U've Fallen!

O America America How U Have Fallen
from Ur Greatness to Slavery

Abraham Lincoln said
America will never be destroyed from the outside
If we lose our freedoms
It will be because we destroyed ourselves

How true that Great USA President's Prophecy
has become in just over 150 years!

An angel of God has cried out
Babylon (America in utter Confusion) Has Fallen!
And all of the earth's merchants weep for her!

Now in Ur utter ignorance + idiocy U follow
a 5 year old man-child as Ur POTUS45

He who has promised U
To Make America Great Again

By pretense + perversion he is leading U
like dumb sheep to Ur slaughter by the EU
Soon they declare an Economic War on the USA!

The foretold eWW3!

Not only with bullets of steel
But bullets of bullion + billions sucked from America!

O America America How U Have Fallen
from Ur Greatness to e-Slavery!

Wake Up U Americans who still
Trust In God
as Ur useless currency still tauntingly declares!

But Ur hearts + hopes know 
It is not longer true for U in America

For God is not please with Ur worship
of Ur puny dollar + pretending billionaire leaders

And God is giving U a double portion
of what U desire to make America great again!

A debtor-dollar + billionaire bufoons
to lead U from Ur God-given freedom
back into economic slavery
and being a slave to the world!

Wake Up U Americans who still faintly
Hope + Trust In God

Save Ur selfies from e-Slavery
by turning back full thrust to God!

And crying out as good old Abe did
"It is fit and becoming in all people
at all times to acknowledge the supreme
Government of God!
To bow in humble submission to his chastisements
and to confess and deplore our sins against God!

Let us the true remnant of Godly believers 
in The Lord God Almighty pray for his mercy!

That we may be spared further punishment!
Though most justly deserved
and re-establish in God's Grace true law and order
peace + prosperity + protection
For all in our nation and world
especially those most needy among us!" 

Wake Up U Americans who still faintly
Hope + Trust In God
Americans of all colors + cultures + faiths

Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!

And save Ur selfies from
the eWW3 + God's World Wide Famine Judgment
already at the door of America and the world!

Save Ur self from Ur selfies!
And Ur corrupt totally confused leaders!

God loves U all
God does not desire to harm U further
God desires to bless U + Urs
with his Heavenly Grace Gifts
on his Godly Sharing Earth!

Arise and Flee Babylon in America Now
To God's Heavenly Hope on God's New Earth